5 Interesting Facts About Chhath Puja, you should know!

Chhath is considered to be an ancient Hindu festival. On Chhath Puja various rituals are performed for Thanksgiving Sun God for sustaining life on earth and granting Health, Prosperity & Abundance.

The word “Chhath” symbolizes the number 6 in the Hindi language. And the festival begins on the sixth day of the Hindu lunar month of Kartik. The festival continues for four days during which people, especially women, follow diligent rituals including fasting for 36 hours.

Here are 5 interesting facts which you should know about Chhath Puja:

  1. Vedic Festival : Chhath Puja is the only Vedic Festival which is celebrated in India.
    Legend dictates that Chhath Puja has been performed since the Early Vedic Period. And sages from this era used to perform the prayers by exposing themselves to direct sunlight to get energy. And life force from the rays of the sun, after having maintained a fast. This ritual is still carried out by various people in their own prayers.
  2. Ramayana and Mahabharata : Chhath Puja is associated with Hindu epics involving Ramayana and Mahabharata with more than 1 character of Mahabharata associated.
    It is believed that Lord Rama is associated with the inception of Chhath Puja. This is said that when Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya then he and his wife Sita observed a fast in honor of the Sun god and broke it only with the setting sun. it is one such ritual that is subsequently evolved in Chhath Puja.
  3. Chhath Puja is the only Hindu festival where all the rituals of the festival have some scientific reasons and all of them altogether represent a rigorous scientific process for detoxification.
  4. Chhath Puja are crafted in a way which involves optimum absorption of Calcium & Vitamin D into the body. which is really beneficial for the women.
  5. The four days of Chhath Puja offers great mental benefits to the devotees. Chhath Puja calms the mind of devotees and reduces the negative energy like hatred, fear and anger.
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